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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lot Tour: High School

Due to a huge rise in sim births in my hood, my schools are no longer big enough to house them all. The high school hasn't really been affected much yet, but it will when the smaller kids become teens. So I decided to just go ahead and build a new high school while I was in the building mood :). So here is the new and improved LaQuest Beach Primary School:

It is also on a 4x4 lot like the elementary school. I wanted the room to add some team sports stuff.

Gym with full basketball court. Of course the goals go into the second floor but I found a way to address that.

Weight room

Main entrance. The school colors are of course blue and white :). 

Science classroom with lab tables 

Art room, which will now be Ricky's classroom since he's the new art teacher.

Shop class with work benches

English classroom

Cafeteria, I liked the elementary cafe so I just did this one the same way

Principal's Office

Teacher's lounge


Computer lab

Second floor lobby with lockers - My answer to the goals going into the second floor was to divide it off with some fencing with glass so that the gym was just viewable from upstairs.

Outdoor lounge area for students 

More than likely I will go ahead and move the students to this school so the first high school update of the round will probably be here. I love how it turned out and I hope that it plays as well as I think it will. The school that I downloaded did not have to room for any of the sports equipment and Kayden has a sports hobby and should be able to do some team sports stuff. So now he can play basketball for the school and maybe even get a sports scholarship for college :).


  1. Awesome! I love the outdoor lounge - your students are going to be very happy...as happy as they can be to be at school anyway. And Kayden will love all the sports equipment available now.

  2. it's fantastic! How are you create floor in the gum?