I decided to start this blog in addition to my LaQuest Beach blog so that I don't clog up the hood blog with all my randomness :). This is still a sim related blog, but more of the behind the scenes. I may link posts from this blog to the main blog if I feel they are important and I'll put them in the comments section of one of the posts. I'm going through and deleting all posts from the LaQuest Beach blog that aren't updates to make it easier for new folks to follow the craziness that are my stories :). So welcome to my chaos!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biography Series: Alana Brown

Family Status: Married to Christian Brown; 3 kids: twins Aidan and Hayden, daughter Christa
Vital Stats: Blonde hair, blue eyes,
Birthday: July 15, 1996; Cancer
Parents: Aidan and Samantha Gates
Siblings: one brother; Casey Gates
Likes: Cooking, Traveling, Thunder Storms
Dislikes: Disorganization and secrets
Best Feature: eyes and smile

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Biography Series: Slade Willis

Family Status: Single; one daughter, Joss Willis
Vital Stats: Red hair, brown eyes, numerous tattoos and piercings
Birthday: August 1, 2014; Leo
Parents: Sloan and Rebecca Willis
Siblings: None
Likes: Singing, women, and traveling
Dislikes: Committed relationships, drama, and people who take themselves too seriously
Best Feature: Smile

Friday, August 26, 2011

Biography Series: Derick Pace

Family Status: Married to Charity Pace; one daughter, Jordyn Pace
Vital Stats: Brown hair, blue eyes, tattoos
Birthday: April 1, 1992; Aries
Parents: Sharon Morris, Eric Pace
Siblings: None
Likes: Running businesses, motorcycles, fast cars
Dislikes: Disloyalty, cologne, overly happy people
Best Feature: Smile

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Falaron Family

I've created another lot and family for Arwen's story. Let's begin with the lot:

The Falaron's have a small cottage in Vasadori. They are a small family that consists of the mother, father, and only one daughter. I built this lot from  another floor plan I got off the web.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lot Tour - The de Muse Home

I mentioned that Tessa and Elvin would be moving into a new house since their tiny beach home wasn't enough any more since they now had Arwen. So I found an awesome floor plan at www.houseplans.com and decided to build them a new beach house :). I posted this at N99 but decided to post it here for those who may not be members.

I'm actually starting to enjoy building lots more. Since Elvin is so opposed to them taking care of Arwen, I can see him wanting her and Vanya to have separate rooms. So I built a three bedroom two bath house for them.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Paying Mellow Metal

So I've been doing some research on record sells for artists and have found out that Slade will more than likely be able to pay off that house after all! According to my research, most artists get 10% of each album sold. So let's say their first album costs $15 in stores. Then they would receive $1.50 for each record sold. Now, to go gold (platinum seems unrealistic for a first album :)) they would need to sale at least 500,000 records. 500,000 * 1.5 = $750,000. Now they're a group so that would need to be split three ways which would give each guy $250,000. I also researched lump sum tax amounts and I found an average of about 35%. So after paying taxes, that would leave each guy with $162,500 dollars. Crazy huh? And honestly, given the inflated prices of sim items, the cds should probably cost more that just $15 lol. But, because he has the house, he won't be left with any money after paying off the house loan and his tax loan. Brian and Kenny on the other hand will be sitting pretty for a while! And Brian should be able to pay cash for a pretty nice house and decorate it quite lovely! And Jacob Ellison as their manager and record producer would get the rest of the money from sales, which would be $675,000 that would be $438,750 after he pays a 35% lump sum tax. So they will all get pretty rich from this! And imagine if they went platinum!!! I suppose I could adjust what is considered going gold in sim world......I don't know what do you think? If I cut it down to 250,000 record sales then they would only make half of that.......what do you guys think? Is that too much money for them? Keep in mind that Jake is already a former member of a very successful band with great connections so them going gold is a good possibility I think...........

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biography Series: Tabitha Gunner Coners

Family Status: Married to Terrence Coners; twin daughters Imani and Imara Coners and one step-son, Kenny Coners
Vital Stats: Black hair, green eyes, plus size
Birthday: June 20, 1990; Cancer
Parents: Rosaline and Matthew Gunner
Siblings: Tessa de Muse
Likes: Writing romance novels, being a mother, marine biology
Dislikes: Drama (with the exception of her sister's antics of course!), negativity, dishonesty
Best Feature: Eyes and curves

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: Esta Sinome

Esta Sinome is elven for "rest here". So this is essentially a grave yard. And of course it's not in the best of shape since the war destroyed most of Vasadori.

I hate that stupid phone booth and trashcan but I'm sure I can just shoot around it whenever I need to use this lot. Let's take a close look, shall we?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biography Series: Tessa Gunner de Muse

Family Status: Married to Elvin de Muse; two daughters: Vanya de Muse with Elvin and Arwen Vasan with Gurth Vasan.
Vital Stats: Brown hair, green eyes, numerous tattoos.
Birthday: April 12, 1996; Aries
Parents: Rosaline and Matthew Gunner
Siblings: one sister, Tabitha Gunner Coners
Likes: Music, parties, and having a good time
Dislikes: Confinement, liars, and being used
Best Feature: Eyes and smile

Monday, July 11, 2011

LaQuest Beach Three Lakes Base

So I've been wanting to build a foreign base for my military sims and I've finally done it! Well kinda, I really just redecorated the base from the main hood:

The base is a community lot and consists of three buildings. I've placed some very small homes around the base and this is where military personnel will live. I plan to place mortgage shrubs on the home lots to bring the price down and my military sims will buy them and stay in the vacation home until their tour ends....then they can sell the lot when they get back home.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Talvaur Family

I've created another family and lot for Arwen's story. Let's start with the lot:

I see the Talvaurs as a very salt of the land kind of people so I've made their home very woodsy. The only actual building is the bathroom, everything else is open to the elements. They sleep in tents or occasionally on the hammock that hangs precariously between the giant mushrooms.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Aldaos Family

This is the home of the Aldaos family. I want Vasadori to be very colorful with lots of flowers so most of the lots that I build will look like this. They are a family of dark elves but are very nice. This fact mostly comes from the matriarch of the family, Amariel. She believed that as dark elves it was their job to exemplify the power and strength that they all had, to show the realm that not all dark elves were evil and out of control. She was killed in the last civil war.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Elder Elves

I've decided to slowly build up Vasadori and include all of the lots and elves that I will need for the story. As I've mentioned before, the council of elders consists of four elder elves who derive their powers from the elements:

This is Idhrenion. He is the elder elf associated with fire. He was the first dark elf allowed on the council. Idhrenion is excited for the coming of the new queen. He had always felt it was a travesty that Veryan de Muse had been allowed to take the throne after what he did.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Biography Series - DeJuan Foster

I spoke about doing backgrounds on some of my founding sims and their partners and I've finally gotten around to starting on them. I won't post them to the main blog, but I will create a link there for each bio. I've decided to begin with DeJuan Foster as a way to shed light on his blast from the past with Charday:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vasadori Crash Course

I decided to do a quick post about the way things work in Vasadori and a little on the history. I know it can be a bit confusing and I'm hoping it becomes a little clearer as time goes on.

Mellow Metal

I find myself entirely TOO overcome with boredom so I decided to do a little photoshoot with Mellow Metal :).......I plan to turn these into posters sooner or later so future teens can look at these cuties! It's the first time I've actually used the black backdrops that I downloaded ages ago. So without further ado, I present, Mellow Metal:


So I've really gotten into this whole alien invasion aspect and have decided that Celeste will want to know where she comes from. So I present to you Peragama, the largest city on the planet Titusanera:

Working Hospitals

I don't know if any of you have heard of Chris Hatch's working hospitals, but I have tried the hack and it's really a very cool hack! It can be found here.

Basically it's a system that allows you to build a working hospital for your game. It even utilizes playable sims in the medical career and law enforcement career to work as orderlies and guards. I tested it last night on a pregnant sim of mine and this is how it worked: In her last trimester a new option showed up under emergency on the phone that was called "call hospital". A taxi came and picked her up and the hospital loaded like any other lot. The main key to the system is a placeable ambulance that turns the lot into a hospital. The ambulance creates two playable sims that you can control who work as nurses. When building the hospital you can set up rooms for townie patients to use so your sim isn't the only patient. You can create a working gift shop for visitors to buy gifts for sick sims. Family members of my pregnant sim showed up during visiting hours and bought her gifts and chatted with her. The doctor sim (who is a NPC) showed up a few hours before she went into labor. There are special lights that you can place in rooms where you want the labors to happen. She walked to one of my maternity rooms and was joined by the doctors, nurses, and her husband who all watched her give birth. After that I called her a taxi and when the house loaded, her and her baby both arrived home safely! The hospital has to be built kinda like a house since the sim will be there for probably more than a day. So they need showers, beds, entertainment. You can build a cafeteria and a cook comes and serves meals. This isn't only for pregnant sims, but also sims that get the flu, food poisoning, even sunburned! The only issue that I've run into is that the sim still looks pregnant and I have to figure out how to fix it.......but other than that, it's a really great hack! One of my medical career sims was on the lot as an orderly that I couldn't control and I had Tanner Knowles who is in law enforcement come in to patrol during the night! Awesome, awesome hack!