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Monday, July 11, 2011

LaQuest Beach Three Lakes Base

So I've been wanting to build a foreign base for my military sims and I've finally done it! Well kinda, I really just redecorated the base from the main hood:

The base is a community lot and consists of three buildings. I've placed some very small homes around the base and this is where military personnel will live. I plan to place mortgage shrubs on the home lots to bring the price down and my military sims will buy them and stay in the vacation home until their tour ends....then they can sell the lot when they get back home.

The building on the left contains a classroom for new recruits to learn from officers. I haven't decided how I'll choose who gets deployed yet. Since Matt Picaso is the general at the moment, he will definitely be my first sim to go.

The left building also contains an office for Matt. I'm hoping that I can use the visit controller to ban all sims except for those that are in the military career. Then I can change them into their work attire and have my soldiers :). I'm not sure how well it will work since it'll be at a vacation destination though......

The building on the right contains a conference room for big meetings that may take place. I have no idea if I'll ever use all of this but I'm hoping creating it will be inspiration to use it :)

The center building is kind of a cafeteria/coffee house. They can get Three Lakes cuisine or grab a cup of joe before attending class or going to a meeting. I plan on using this building this round but I'm not sure if I'll get to show the whole lot so I wanted to do a small tour.


  1. A foreign military base is such a great idea. I love yours, especially the classroom and the office.

  2. Thanks, just trying to flesh out some of the career paths more since we can't go to work with them! I hope to get some use out of the classroom and office......

  3. Very nice, it makes sense to have a few military bases overseas for those traveling assignments.