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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biography Series: Tessa Gunner de Muse

Family Status: Married to Elvin de Muse; two daughters: Vanya de Muse with Elvin and Arwen Vasan with Gurth Vasan.
Vital Stats: Brown hair, green eyes, numerous tattoos.
Birthday: April 12, 1996; Aries
Parents: Rosaline and Matthew Gunner
Siblings: one sister, Tabitha Gunner Coners
Likes: Music, parties, and having a good time
Dislikes: Confinement, liars, and being used
Best Feature: Eyes and smile

Background: Tessa Madeline Gunner was born on April 12, 1996 to Rosaline and Matthew Gunner in the small city of Pleasantview. Tessa was the second and last child of the couple, coming six years after the birth of her older sister Tabitha. Tessa was a very active child who was constantly getting into mischief. Rosaline had become well known around Pleasantview Elementary as Tessa was constantly getting into trouble. When Tessa was twelve, Rosaline and Matthew left her in the care of her sister Tabitha, who was 18 at the time. The couple went out to celebrate their anniversary. As it was rainy that night, Matthew slid off the road and ran into a telephone pole. Rosaline was killed instantly and Matthew was rushed to the hospital. After spending a month in a coma, Matthew passed away. The Gunners were a very wealthy family and had already set up trust funds for both girls. Tabitha decided not to go away to college as she had originally planned so that she could take care of young Tessa. Tabitha got a small apartment and she and Tessa moved in while she finished up school. Tessa was heartbroken over the death of her parents and began getting into even more trouble in school. Although it was a battle, Tabitha eventually received a bachelors in science from a local community college and Tessa graduated high school. During the last few years of high school, Tessa found that she was an excellent soccer player and decided she wanted to play professionally. She also decided to forgo college in pursuit of her career. In the winter of 2022, Tabitha bought a home in LaQuest Beach for her and Tessa. Tessa's life in LaQuest Beach was not short on drama including a nasty break up that resulted in the violent beating of one of her lovers, meeting and marrying an elf against her will, and being abducted, impregnated, and having her memory wiped by yet another elf. Tessa now lives on the beach in Laquest with her husband Elvin de Muse, their daughter Vanya, and her daughter with dark elf Gurth Vasan, Arwen Vasan.




  1. Has anyone had more drama than Tessa since they moved to LaQuest Beach? Wow! That rundown at the end really highlights that!

    Tessa is one of my favourites of yours - you can always count on some excitement!

  2. No one has had more drama going on than Tessa! She's a favorite of mine as well, I'm sad to see her getting older although I'm sure she has a few more dramatic situations to contribute to LaQuest Beach :)