I decided to start this blog in addition to my LaQuest Beach blog so that I don't clog up the hood blog with all my randomness :). This is still a sim related blog, but more of the behind the scenes. I may link posts from this blog to the main blog if I feel they are important and I'll put them in the comments section of one of the posts. I'm going through and deleting all posts from the LaQuest Beach blog that aren't updates to make it easier for new folks to follow the craziness that are my stories :). So welcome to my chaos!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: Esta Sinome

Esta Sinome is elven for "rest here". So this is essentially a grave yard. And of course it's not in the best of shape since the war destroyed most of Vasadori.

I hate that stupid phone booth and trashcan but I'm sure I can just shoot around it whenever I need to use this lot. Let's take a close look, shall we?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biography Series: Tessa Gunner de Muse

Family Status: Married to Elvin de Muse; two daughters: Vanya de Muse with Elvin and Arwen Vasan with Gurth Vasan.
Vital Stats: Brown hair, green eyes, numerous tattoos.
Birthday: April 12, 1996; Aries
Parents: Rosaline and Matthew Gunner
Siblings: one sister, Tabitha Gunner Coners
Likes: Music, parties, and having a good time
Dislikes: Confinement, liars, and being used
Best Feature: Eyes and smile

Monday, July 11, 2011

LaQuest Beach Three Lakes Base

So I've been wanting to build a foreign base for my military sims and I've finally done it! Well kinda, I really just redecorated the base from the main hood:

The base is a community lot and consists of three buildings. I've placed some very small homes around the base and this is where military personnel will live. I plan to place mortgage shrubs on the home lots to bring the price down and my military sims will buy them and stay in the vacation home until their tour ends....then they can sell the lot when they get back home.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Talvaur Family

I've created another family and lot for Arwen's story. Let's start with the lot:

I see the Talvaurs as a very salt of the land kind of people so I've made their home very woodsy. The only actual building is the bathroom, everything else is open to the elements. They sleep in tents or occasionally on the hammock that hangs precariously between the giant mushrooms.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Aldaos Family

This is the home of the Aldaos family. I want Vasadori to be very colorful with lots of flowers so most of the lots that I build will look like this. They are a family of dark elves but are very nice. This fact mostly comes from the matriarch of the family, Amariel. She believed that as dark elves it was their job to exemplify the power and strength that they all had, to show the realm that not all dark elves were evil and out of control. She was killed in the last civil war.