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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Biography Series - Amanda Carlson Gray

Family Status: Married to Corbin Gray, one child Alexander Gray, one step-son Connor Gray (half alien)
Vital Stats: Brown Hair, grey eyes
Birthday: June 28, 1995; Cancer
Parents: Robert and Lisa Carlson
Siblings: None
Likes: Mystery and romance novels, science fiction, flowers
Dislikes: Aliens, large crowds
Best Feature: Eyes

Background: Amanda Elizabeth Carlson was born to parents Robert and Lisa Carlson. The Carlsons found out they would be unable to have any more children and doted on their daughter. She had the best education they could afford and was encouraged to excel in school. Robert Carlson was a renowned physicist and Lisa was a botanist. Amanda did exceptionally well in school and earned a full scholarship to college. She majored in biology. During her junior year, her parents went on safari in search of a rare plant and were never heard from again. Amanda finished school and, at the age of 26, moved to LaQuest Beach. She began work in a local laboratory. Always extremely shy, Amanda had trouble making friends but started up a friendship with Tessa Gunner. She also had trouble finding love. After a couple of failed attempts, she took a trip to Takezimu Village where she met Corbin Gray. The two felt instant chemistry and began a long distance relationship. Corbin left his home  to live with Amanda in 2032. He began working at the same lab as Amanda and it was here that the two met Celeste Sky. Celeste was unlike anyone else the two had met but they all became friends. Amanda and Corbin were married in the spring of 2032 and he was abducted shortly after. In an unbelievable turn of events, Corbin fell pregnant and gave birth to a son, Connor Gray. It was soon discovered that Celeste was from another planet and it was her people that had Corbin abducted. Amanda and Corbin kept Connor and continued their relationship with Celeste as a way to help Connor. Amanda fell pregnant a year later and gave birth to a boy, Alexander Gray. Amanda, Corbin, Connor, and Alex all live in a house next to the beach in LaQuest Beach.




  1. Dislikes aliens! I can imagine why, though I imagine her feelings might be a bit mixed now that she has an alien stepson. ;)

    It just occurred to me that these background stories would be a pretty good way for anyone new to LQB to catch up, as well as giving extra info to us long-time readers.

  2. Carla - I didn't think about that but you're right, I need to link to them from my welcome page. And lol I think Connor is the only alien Amanda is fond of right now :)

  3. I too was surprised at the dislikes aliens

  4. I love how you have a backstory for everyone of your sims. And the collages are all so cute! :) I have to say that your profiles are much more detailed than mine...;)