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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Elder Elves

I've decided to slowly build up Vasadori and include all of the lots and elves that I will need for the story. As I've mentioned before, the council of elders consists of four elder elves who derive their powers from the elements:

This is Idhrenion. He is the elder elf associated with fire. He was the first dark elf allowed on the council. Idhrenion is excited for the coming of the new queen. He had always felt it was a travesty that Veryan de Muse had been allowed to take the throne after what he did.

This is Remeis. He is the elder elf associated with air. He is a light elf who is very wary of a descendant of Alberi Vasan taking the throne. Gurth still has quite a bit of hate and malice in his heart and it would be very easy for him to infect young Arwen with it.

This is Glandur. He is the elder elf associated with Earth. He is also a dark elf. Glandur is the most easy going of all the elders. While he takes his position seriously, he sees no reason to be as uptight as the others are. While he is also wary of Gurth's influence on Arwen, he is confident that she will be a wonderful queen, with their assistance. He is excited to have Vasadori returned to it's formal glory. He misses the days when the streets bustled with merchants and elves.

And this is Calanon. He is the elder elf associated with water. He is a light elf who is very against Arwen taking the throne. Dark elves are too unpredictable and he doesn't feel comfortable placing the future in the hands of one. He doesn't care what the prophecy says, only bad things can come from this.

The elders live in a small castle in a corner of Vasadori. Austra serves as their messenger, as they rarely leave their home. All the elves in Vasadori have alters in their homes that they use to pray to the elders. Since I couldn't find houses that I felt fit what I was going for, I'm having to build their homes myself. Arwen will attend school with 5 other teen elves, all of which will play a role in the reconstruction of the realm. I've decided to make a family for each teen mostly to serve as background for some of the pics. I want Vasadori to have a very medieval feel. I'll be posting updates as I create the families and houses. I've got plenty of time to build up a whole world before Arwen turns into a teen and I want it to be good.


  1. I didn't think I'd ever call a dark elf cute but Glandur kind of is! Calanon has really unusual facial features as well.

    It's going to be interesting to watch these four play into the story, with two being against Arwen being named Queen and two being for it.

  2. Carla - Glandur has a very mischievous quality about him :). The Elders are going to add a lot to the story, they will have to make decisions as one body which will prove a bit difficult since their opinions are split right down the middle.

  3. All this looks amazing! Very creative.:) I must say I'm impatient for Arwen to become a teen though, I can't wait to see this little world come to life.