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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vasadori Crash Course

I decided to do a quick post about the way things work in Vasadori and a little on the history. I know it can be a bit confusing and I'm hoping it becomes a little clearer as time goes on.


Vasadori was ruled by dark elves for most of it's history. Dark elves are more powerful than light elves, but also have a weakness that light elves do not. A dark elf's powers are greatly affected by love. It does not completely incapacitate them, but it greatly reduces their dark powers. Alberi Vasan has been said to be the most dark elven ruler in Vasadori history. His first in commander, advisor, and friend was Veryan de Muse. The two ruled together for many years, even winning a civil war when the light elves attempted to rise up against them. During the civil war, both elves  fell in love. Alberi fell in love with a powerful dark elf named Falathiel Loreyn. He married her shortly after things settled from the war. Veryan fell in love with a light elf named Faelwen Ghillon. It was well known that light and dark elves were not to consort with one another. Veryan knew that Alberi would never allow him to be with Faelwen and decided his love for her was stronger and meant more to him than his friendship with Alberi. He began plotting to overthrow Alberi and take over as king of Vasadori. Alberi, unaware of the plot against him, continued in his role as king and even watched Falathiel give birth to their son and future king of Vasadori, Gurth Vasan. Knowing that his love for his wife and son had substantially weakened his powers, Veryan chose to attack when Gurth was only 5 years old. Surprised, Alberi was not prepared to fight his bestfriend and was killed at the hands of Veryan. Knowing that Falathiel was one of the most powerful dark female elves, Veryan also killed her as well. Gurth tried to jump in to defend his mother and was slashed across his eye. Triumphant, Veryan banished young Gurth and all those who wished to remain loyal to Alberi. He took the throne as king and married Faelwen and made her his queen. Veryan changed all the laws concerning light elves, giving them more rights. He allowed the marriage of light and dark elves. He assembled a council of elders, 4 elves each endowed with the powers of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Each of the four elements were responsible for lengthening the life span of the elders, giving them lives near immortality. Veryan found scrolls within the castle, prophesizing a great war and the half breed child that would one day claim the throne. Assuming that the scrolls spoke of the murder of Alberi, Veryan disregarded them and went on with his life. Faelwen gave birth to a son, Elvin de Muse, who was in training to one day take the throne. Faelwen taught young Elvin that love was the source of his power. Gurth Vasan had been training with all the banished elves, and his hate for the elf that had killed his family had given him unexpected power. When Elvin was a teen, Gurth and his army stormed the castle, killing Veryan and Faelwen. Before he could get to Prince Elvin, the elders stepped in, reminding him of the love he held for his parents and the heartbreak he felt upon their death. Weakened by this, the elders placed a barrier around his heart, placing him in a state of perpetual sadness. Unable to use his powers, Gurth was once again banished to the outskirts of Vasadori where he would remain for a hundred years. The war had almost destroyed Vasadori, leaving it in shambles. The elders found the scrolls and patiently waited on the day that their next king or queen would be born.

Present Day

Elvin de Muse moved to the human realm like many of the elves did after the war. He was working in a bar when he met and fell in love with Tessa Gunner. Tessa was a free spirit and highly opposed to marriage, so Elvin placed her under a spell and tricked her into a marriage. The elders found out about his deceit and insisted that he tell Tessa the truth, despite his feelings that Tessa was to be the mother of the next heir to the throne. He told her and though upset, Tessa agreed to remain married to Elvin and the two soon gave birth to a daughter, Vanya de Muse. Vanya was not the heir to the throne. Three years after her birth, Gurth Vasan showed up in LaQuest Beach. He had finally regained his power and had broken the barrier the elders placed on his heart. He told Elvin of his plans to take over the throne and asked Elvin to aid him in his quest. Elvin refused to help Gurth and also refused to speak with the elders on his behave. Gurth then kidnapped Tessa, enchanted her with magic, and impregnanted her. Before sending her back to Elvin, Gurth also wiped her memory, giving her permanent amnesia. Despite his arguments, Tessa kept the child and soon gave birth to Arwen Vasan, the heir to the Vasadori throne.

How Vasadori Works

Through the little bit of research I've done so far, elves live for hundreds of years. So how old are Elvin and Gurth? I haven't really decided. They are pretty old though :). I would say at least 200 years old, with Gurth being a little older than Elvin. I haven't decided what this means for the half human/half elf kids. Arwen will age differently than her sister and Lorelai's kids since she will be moving to Vasadori once she becomes a teen. I'm thinking I'll just extend their adulthood by ten days and won't add the wrinkle face masks that I do to my other sims when they reach fifty. Elves always look youthful and I think they should as well. Arwen on the other hand, will become a character in a separate story. Let's just say she will definitely out live the rest of her family! Arwen will attend Paerolia, a school where she will live and study with other elves who will play a large role in rebuilding Vasadori.

I thought about building a separate neighborhood all together for my spinoff story, but I decided against it. I want Arwen to still make appearances in LaQuest Beach once her story starts and I want Tessa and Vanya to be able to see Arwen and make cameos in her story as well. So I'll just populate my Vasadori subhood with the characters for the story. Right now, only Gurth and Austra live there. I'll also do some posts here as I build up Vasadori for the story. I have a few rounds before Arwen is a teen, so it gives me time to do this slowly and not feel rushed. Maybe I'll be able to set everything up exactly how I want it this way :).

Anywho, I hope this helps and I hope it all makes sense. I've really been making all this up as I go along lol.


  1. Wow, reading this history really makes things different for me. I'm now inclined to side with Gurth considering that it was Elvin's father that needlessly killed Gurth's father.

  2. Really interesting! I still love how this was all prompted by Elvin being randomly generated as a bartender with pointy ears and then it just grew from there.

    I don't know if I'm on Gurth's side exactly, but this certainly makes his perspective a bit easier to understand.

    What about Elvin's aging? Will he become an elder much later than Tessa will?

  3. Apple Valley - It's a tough call to make, good guys and bad guys aren't easily defined with these two. It's just an unfortunate situation all around!

    Carla - I know right?! Such a small coincidence that has turned into this who insane thing lol. Gurth's not too bad a guy, he's just on a quest for revenge right now and isn't concerned about the casualties, i.e. Tessa and Arwen. Elvin will stay younger for a bit longer than Tessa. I've already given her wrinkles where his face is still baby smooth :). I'll just account for his not living as long as other elves for the same reason that Celeste and Satitu don't live as long on Earth as they would on Peragama: The Earth's atmosphere sucks lol.