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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So I've really gotten into this whole alien invasion aspect and have decided that Celeste will want to know where she comes from. So I present to you Peragama, the largest city on the planet Titusanera:

 You'll notice that there are lots of plumbobs. That's because the stores and restaurants in Peragama will be alien owned. I don't need human townies working there lol.......I found a terrain hack on modthesims that changes the dirt terrain into this rainbow colored one. It looks amazing in lot view and really gives an alien feel to the place. I plan to have Celeste spend a year or two here so she'll eventually need to go shopping or want to go out and I didn't want humans running around. I'm using the visitor controller to keep LaQuest Beach residents from appearing since I added Peragama as a shopping district. I'm also banning all townies and downtownies so only the playable aliens I create will show up on lots.

 Peragama will be run by a king and queen. This is their "castle". I've downloaded all these really cool spacey houses for the aliens to live in. This is the home of the Rolared and Kiteria Titisen

This is the king of Peragama, Rolared Titisen. He is also the one who has ordered the impregnation of human beings so that his people can one day inhabit Earth. He made this decision based upon what the seesant told him.

 This is the queen, Kiteria Titisen. She did not initially agree with her husband's plan, but she does not want to witness the destruction of her people.

This is their teen son, Rolane Titisen. He will one day take the crown from his father and is not looking forward to it at all. He just wants to have fun, screw politics!

 This is their cute little daughter, Tipporra Titisen. She's very intelligent and observant and her parents are very proud.

I don't plan to go into their characters or even add them to my rotation list. I don't plan on adding any of them actually. Those on Titusanera live longer that regular human anyway so it doesn't matter if they age along with the rest of the hood. I'll just go there when I have something I need to take place in space. I still have to play Celeste's house this round, so I will go more into detail then :)

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