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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Biography Series - DeJuan Foster

I spoke about doing backgrounds on some of my founding sims and their partners and I've finally gotten around to starting on them. I won't post them to the main blog, but I will create a link there for each bio. I've decided to begin with DeJuan Foster as a way to shed light on his blast from the past with Charday:

Family Status: Married to Donna Johnson-Foster, one child (Taesha Foster) with ex Charday Martin.
Vital Stats: Black hair, brown eyes, very muscular, numerous tattoos.
Birthday: February 20, 1987; Pisces
Parents: Damion Foster, Jacinda Meadows
Siblings: one sister, DeShawna Foster
Likes: Thunderstorms, stability, family
Dislikes: Liars, to be underestimated, people who settle
Best Feature: Eyes and muscles

Background: DeJuan grew up in the urban area of Englewood in LaQuest Beach. He was raised predominately by his mother as his father was a thief and a hustler. Despite efforts by his mother, DeJuan began hustling like his father and was involved with a local drug dealer. In an ironic turn of events, his sister DeShawna ended up addicted to the same drugs he was pushing. When he was 29, DeJuan found out that his long time girlfriend Charday Martin was pregnant. Dejuan was excited and was making plans to support both Charday and their child. On March 1, 2016, Charday gave birth to Taesha Foster. DeJuan moved them all to a safer corner of Englewood and did odd jobs to support them. When Taesha was 11 years old Charday left, fed up with DeJuan's attempts to go straight for his daughter's sake. DeJuan vowed to take care of Taesha to the best of his ability without any help from another woman. This changed for him when he met Donna Johnson in 2023. Donna was also a single parent of two children, Brian and Kinsley, who lived in Englewood. The two dated for 6 years before getting married in 2029. DeJuan and Donna now live in Talum Heights with Taesha and her boyfriend Gordon Nott, their daughter Lyria, and a boxer mix named Gyser.



  1. DeJuan should be so proud of himself, after all he's overcome. I wonder what his and Taesha's lives would have been like if she'd stayed in the picture. Not as happy, I'm guessing.

  2. I'm sure they wouldn't have been happy if Charday had stayed around......she's a very selfish person so she would have made things much worse!

  3. Hmm, so she left him because he wasn't bringing in as much money as before? I love the background series. I might try to do this...or maybe a summary of my hood since it's so freaking old!

  4. Yes, Charday liked it better when the fast money was coming in. I decided to go ahead and do this before I got too far along with the blog, a hood summary may work better for you since your hood has so much more history than mine does.