I decided to start this blog in addition to my LaQuest Beach blog so that I don't clog up the hood blog with all my randomness :). This is still a sim related blog, but more of the behind the scenes. I may link posts from this blog to the main blog if I feel they are important and I'll put them in the comments section of one of the posts. I'm going through and deleting all posts from the LaQuest Beach blog that aren't updates to make it easier for new folks to follow the craziness that are my stories :). So welcome to my chaos!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Biography Series: Derick Pace

Family Status: Married to Charity Pace; one daughter, Jordyn Pace
Vital Stats: Brown hair, blue eyes, tattoos
Birthday: April 1, 1992; Aries
Parents: Sharon Morris, Eric Pace
Siblings: None
Likes: Running businesses, motorcycles, fast cars
Dislikes: Disloyalty, cologne, overly happy people
Best Feature: Smile

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Falaron Family

I've created another lot and family for Arwen's story. Let's begin with the lot:

The Falaron's have a small cottage in Vasadori. They are a small family that consists of the mother, father, and only one daughter. I built this lot from  another floor plan I got off the web.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lot Tour - The de Muse Home

I mentioned that Tessa and Elvin would be moving into a new house since their tiny beach home wasn't enough any more since they now had Arwen. So I found an awesome floor plan at www.houseplans.com and decided to build them a new beach house :). I posted this at N99 but decided to post it here for those who may not be members.

I'm actually starting to enjoy building lots more. Since Elvin is so opposed to them taking care of Arwen, I can see him wanting her and Vanya to have separate rooms. So I built a three bedroom two bath house for them.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Paying Mellow Metal

So I've been doing some research on record sells for artists and have found out that Slade will more than likely be able to pay off that house after all! According to my research, most artists get 10% of each album sold. So let's say their first album costs $15 in stores. Then they would receive $1.50 for each record sold. Now, to go gold (platinum seems unrealistic for a first album :)) they would need to sale at least 500,000 records. 500,000 * 1.5 = $750,000. Now they're a group so that would need to be split three ways which would give each guy $250,000. I also researched lump sum tax amounts and I found an average of about 35%. So after paying taxes, that would leave each guy with $162,500 dollars. Crazy huh? And honestly, given the inflated prices of sim items, the cds should probably cost more that just $15 lol. But, because he has the house, he won't be left with any money after paying off the house loan and his tax loan. Brian and Kenny on the other hand will be sitting pretty for a while! And Brian should be able to pay cash for a pretty nice house and decorate it quite lovely! And Jacob Ellison as their manager and record producer would get the rest of the money from sales, which would be $675,000 that would be $438,750 after he pays a 35% lump sum tax. So they will all get pretty rich from this! And imagine if they went platinum!!! I suppose I could adjust what is considered going gold in sim world......I don't know what do you think? If I cut it down to 250,000 record sales then they would only make half of that.......what do you guys think? Is that too much money for them? Keep in mind that Jake is already a former member of a very successful band with great connections so them going gold is a good possibility I think...........

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biography Series: Tabitha Gunner Coners

Family Status: Married to Terrence Coners; twin daughters Imani and Imara Coners and one step-son, Kenny Coners
Vital Stats: Black hair, green eyes, plus size
Birthday: June 20, 1990; Cancer
Parents: Rosaline and Matthew Gunner
Siblings: Tessa de Muse
Likes: Writing romance novels, being a mother, marine biology
Dislikes: Drama (with the exception of her sister's antics of course!), negativity, dishonesty
Best Feature: Eyes and curves