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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Biography Series: Tabitha Gunner Coners

Family Status: Married to Terrence Coners; twin daughters Imani and Imara Coners and one step-son, Kenny Coners
Vital Stats: Black hair, green eyes, plus size
Birthday: June 20, 1990; Cancer
Parents: Rosaline and Matthew Gunner
Siblings: Tessa de Muse
Likes: Writing romance novels, being a mother, marine biology
Dislikes: Drama (with the exception of her sister's antics of course!), negativity, dishonesty
Best Feature: Eyes and curves

Background: Tabitha Marie Gunner was born on June 20, 1990 to Rosaline and Matthew Gunner in the small city of Pleasantview. Tabitha was the couple's first child, coming six years before the birth of her younger sister Tessa. Tabitha was always a very quiet young girl who excelled at all things academic. Her teachers and parents expected great things from her. Tabitha struggled with her weight all throughout junior high school and high school and it was the source of her self-esteem issues. When Tabitha was 18, her parents left her to babysit her young sister Tessa. The couple went out to celebrate their anniversary. As it was rainy that night, Matthew slid off the road and ran into a telephone pole. Rosaline was killed instantly and Matthew was rushed to the hospital. After spending a month in a coma, Matthew passed away. The Gunners were a very wealthy family and had already set up trust funds for both girls. Tabitha decided not to go away to college as she had originally planned so that she could take care of young Tessa. Tabitha got a small apartment and she and Tessa moved in while she finished up school. She attended the local university and took most of her classes online. Although it was a battle, Tabitha eventually received a bachelors in science from a local community college with a concentration in biology. In 2022, Tabitha moved both her and Tessa to LaQuest Beach in an effort to give her sister a new start. Tessa seemed to draw drama into their lives. Tabitha met and fell in love with Terrence Coners shortly after arriving in LaQuest Beach, although she refused to tell him about her feelings for him. Terrence fell for her as well and in 2025, the two finally became a couple. Tessa moved out to start a business with Derick Pace and Tabitha continued dating Terrence. The two were married in 2027 and welcomed twin daughters Imani and Imara Coners later that year. She now lives in Camden Park with Terrence and their teenage twin daughters and is a best selling romance novelist.




  1. I've always had a soft spot for Tabitha. She gave up so much to be a surrogate parent to Tessa when their parents died. And she seriously had her hands full too - can you imagine a teenage Tessa?!

    I'm glad she's found happiness now - hopefully she and Terrence can overcome their current "situation" somehow!

  2. I wish I could have played a teenage Tessa lol. I think it would have been such fun :). Tabitha has been through a lot and I think they are going to pull through their current situation as well......I hope :)