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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Falaron Family

I've created another lot and family for Arwen's story. Let's begin with the lot:

The Falaron's have a small cottage in Vasadori. They are a small family that consists of the mother, father, and only one daughter. I built this lot from  another floor plan I got off the web.

Living Room - The Falarons pray to the elven elder of air, Rimeis. Again, I'm only using candles for these homes and lots. And unfortunately for them, no televisions lol.

Kitchen Area

Parent's bedroom

Daughter's bedroom

Elarinya Falaron  is the matriarch of this family. She feels that her daughter would make a better queen and thinks it unfair that a half breed is given the honor based solely on who her father is. And a dark elf half breed at that! Elarinya thinks that a light elf is better choice.

Sadron Falaron disagrees with his wife, but he would never tell her that. Elarinya has raised their daughter with the belief that she is far above everyone else. While he loves his daughter, he is afraid that her mother may have set her up for a big failure........

Usahtiel Falaron cannot wait to start school at Paerolia. She'll show the elders why she is a much better choice than this half breed. She was made to be queen and she won't rest until all of Vasadori agrees. She will not stand by and watch as some half human ruined their realm. Though many find her quite beautiful, there is much deviousness behind those cool gray eyes.

And that's the Falarons. The next tour I'll do will probably be the school and it's teachers.


  1. I think Usahtiel's whole look perfectly matches her character! I'm really looking forward to seeing the elven school. :)

  2. I can't wait to see the school. This whole world you've created is so original and beautiful, I love it. :)