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Friday, August 5, 2011

Paying Mellow Metal

So I've been doing some research on record sells for artists and have found out that Slade will more than likely be able to pay off that house after all! According to my research, most artists get 10% of each album sold. So let's say their first album costs $15 in stores. Then they would receive $1.50 for each record sold. Now, to go gold (platinum seems unrealistic for a first album :)) they would need to sale at least 500,000 records. 500,000 * 1.5 = $750,000. Now they're a group so that would need to be split three ways which would give each guy $250,000. I also researched lump sum tax amounts and I found an average of about 35%. So after paying taxes, that would leave each guy with $162,500 dollars. Crazy huh? And honestly, given the inflated prices of sim items, the cds should probably cost more that just $15 lol. But, because he has the house, he won't be left with any money after paying off the house loan and his tax loan. Brian and Kenny on the other hand will be sitting pretty for a while! And Brian should be able to pay cash for a pretty nice house and decorate it quite lovely! And Jacob Ellison as their manager and record producer would get the rest of the money from sales, which would be $675,000 that would be $438,750 after he pays a 35% lump sum tax. So they will all get pretty rich from this! And imagine if they went platinum!!! I suppose I could adjust what is considered going gold in sim world......I don't know what do you think? If I cut it down to 250,000 record sales then they would only make half of that.......what do you guys think? Is that too much money for them? Keep in mind that Jake is already a former member of a very successful band with great connections so them going gold is a good possibility I think...........


  1. Funny you should post about this today! I'm about to play Luc and Asha and Luc will be going out on tour, so I've been thinking about this myself! I'm glad you've done some of the maths and research for me. ;)

    I was going to say that I'd split it in half but I don't know now. If you're successful, music is a pretty high-paying industry so I think you can play this however you like. If you want the guys' success to build slowly, then split it. If you want them to be more of an overnight sensation, then go with 500,000 sales.

  2. I'm glad I could help! I think I'm going to leave it the way it is. Since they went on a little tour already, I can totally see them being an overnight sensation :)

  3. Very interesting, I like it. I think usually I just look at how much they collect in tips during an outing and multiple that number. Curious at how you determine if they go gold or not.