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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tales of Vasadori: The Talvaur Family

I've created another family and lot for Arwen's story. Let's start with the lot:

I see the Talvaurs as a very salt of the land kind of people so I've made their home very woodsy. The only actual building is the bathroom, everything else is open to the elements. They sleep in tents or occasionally on the hammock that hangs precariously between the giant mushrooms.

The Talvaurs are also dark elves who pray to the Earth Elder Glandur. They have their alter at the back of the lot where flowers bloom in response to the power of the alter.

This is their living room. They can actually sit on the tree stumps. I wanted to make sure most of the furniture was made from wood since it'll be open to the elements. I've set Vasadori to only spring weather, so it rains pretty often.

Here is their kitchen with the stone hearth in the back. Again, the mushroom chairs and table are useable and there's a small pond in the back in which they catch their food. They are a very self sufficient family.

The was the best shot I could get of the bathroom. The mushroom is the toilet, the flower is the sink, and the leaf is a tub. How cute is that?! I got this set from parsimonious and really, who better to use this than some woodland elves? Now let's meet the family:

Locien Talvaur knows that other elves look down on his family's way of life. They don't understand how someone would chose to live outside instead of building a home for his family. Is it not more disrespectful to tear down trees and strip the land to make way for large structures? The forest provided everything his family needed to survive and they had a wonderful life. He only hoped that once the new queen took power, she would not force his family to conform.

Nostariel Talvaur loved her husband and her family. It amazed her that they were considered outcasts for doing what elves had been doing since the beginning of time. Everything they needed, they had. She hoped their daughter would be able to befriend the new queen before the others corrupted her thinking.

Beriadan Talvaur loved living in the forest. He was able to play outside all the time and sleep under the stars. He would be sad when his sister went away to the Paerolia. He would miss her.

Almarea Talvaur was excited to attend Paerolia. She loved her family and loved their ways, but it was hard to be considered an outcast by your peers. Her dresses were never as pristine as other females her age because it was hard to keep clothing clean when you were constantly outside. She didn't know what to make of the idea of the new queen. She would be coming from the human realm and humans were not known to be particularly nice. She hoped that she would be able to really make a difference once she was put in the royal court. Maybe she would even get to live in the castle...........

And that's the Talvaurs. Now once the story starts, the family members of the teens will make a few appearances, but it will take place mostly at the school. I just decided to go ahead and give each of them a family in case I need them for the plot later on. Not to mention they can serve as background whenever the teens visit community lots.


  1. You're using all this CC that I've always been curious about but have no use for in Sullivan. I'm sot of living vicariously through you right now!

    I would have thought most elves would be right into living outdoors, so it's interesting that the Talvaurs are pariahs for doing so. I'm very interested to see how these guys play into the story.

  2. This story and Celeste's updates in Peragama have given me the opportunity to use lots of stuff that would fit in a normal hood, so I'm glad I could help you out vicariously :). A lot of things have changed since the last war, I don't want to give too much away though :)