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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biography Series: Alana Brown

Family Status: Married to Christian Brown; 3 kids: twins Aidan and Hayden, daughter Christa
Vital Stats: Blonde hair, blue eyes,
Birthday: July 15, 1996; Cancer
Parents: Aidan and Samantha Gates
Siblings: one brother; Casey Gates
Likes: Cooking, Traveling, Thunder Storms
Dislikes: Disorganization and secrets
Best Feature: eyes and smile

Background: Alana Christine Gates was born on July 15, 1996 to Aidan and Samantha Gates. She was the second child for the couple. Aidan Gates was the next in a long family line of political figures. He had the public persona of fighting for the common man, but in his own life was anything but noble. His wife, Samantha, stayed with Aidan through his many public scandals and infidelity, but decided to call it quits when Alana was seven years old. She filed for divorce and fought for custody of Alana and her brother Casey, who was eleven at the time. Due to his political pull, Samantha was only granted visitation rights and Alana and her brother were raised mostly by their father. When it became apparent that Casey wouldn't go into politics like his father, Aidan began looking for a suitable political husband for his daughter. Casey, ostracized by his father due to his decision to become a doctor without borders, used his trust fund to attend and finish medical school and began traveling with Doctors Without Borders. Aidan met Christian Brown when he came into his office as an intern. He found him to be a very ambitious man and promptly began working to get he and Alana together. Being as headstrong as her mother was, Aidan knew he had to tread carefully and not let Alana know he had a hand in getting them together. Christian proved to be very charismatic and it wasn't long before Alana was head over heels for him. The two dated throughout college and were married in the spring of 2022. They welcomed their first child, daughter Christa, in the spring of 2025. Alana had always dreamed of owning her own restaurant, but those dreams were put on hold while Christian chased his dream of becoming mayor. She suffered a miscarriage in 2029 and lost her mother to cancer in 2031, during which time Christian continued his campaign to become mayor. He achieved his dream in 2032 and Alana opened her restaurant, Fish & Chips, despite her husband's protests. In the winter of 2033, the couple welcomed twin boys Hayden and Aidan, who was named after Alana's father. Christian was very career driven which not only drove a wedge between he and Alana, but also their daughter Christa. Alana and Christian live in Lorrington with Christa, Aidan, and Hayden and Alana still runs her restaurant. She is still working on her marriage to Christian.




  1. Oh, so Christa's name could sort of be in honour of both her mother and father! And Aidan is named after his grandfather - love these sorts of tidbits.

    Man, I can imagine Alana's reaction if she'd known her dad was encouraging the relationship between her and Christian!

    Alana is such a strong woman - I love her.

  2. Yep! I'm trying to use everything in these sims' present lives to kinda piece together their past. She would definitely freak if she found out the truth! And she's one of my favorites as well.

  3. Whoa, Aiden hooked Alana and Christian up-yikes! I smell trouble if that ever comes out.