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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Biography Series: Slade Willis

Family Status: Single; one daughter, Joss Willis
Vital Stats: Red hair, brown eyes, numerous tattoos and piercings
Birthday: August 1, 2014; Leo
Parents: Sloan and Rebecca Willis
Siblings: None
Likes: Singing, women, and traveling
Dislikes: Committed relationships, drama, and people who take themselves too seriously
Best Feature: Smile

Background: Slade Ryan Willis was born on August 1, 2014 to Sloan and Rebecca Willis on Sunset Beach on Vacation Island. Sloan was a famous singer and Rebecca was a stay at home mom. The two wanted more children, but were unable to have another after Slade. Slade was an awkward child who, like his father, had a love of music. When he was 14, his parents sent him to Simerica to attend a prestigious school of arts. Slade found that he had a natural talent for singing, much like his father. He soon grew out of his awkward phase and learned that girls really liked musicians! He became one of the most popular boys at the school. During his junior year, he received word that a large tsunami ripped through Vacation Island, completely destroying it and it's inhabitants. Orphaned, Slade finished high school and used the trust fund his parents had in place for him to attend LaQuest Beach University. It was here that he met Brian Johnson and Kenny Coners and formed the band Mellow Metal. The trio played various gigs around campus, catching the eye of famed lead guitarist of The Blooming Plumbbobs, Jacob Ellison. Upon graduation. Slade and his band mates signed a deal with Ellison's new record label, JKL Studios, and began a year long tour. A huge ladies man, Slade was involved with numerous women, one being young Meadow Thayer. The tour was a success, and Slade took out a large loan and bought a very expensive home in LaQuest Beach. Shortly after returning from the tour, Slade found out that Meadow was pregnant. Unsure of the paternity, Slade refused to accept that Meadow was having his child. Joss Willis was  born in January of 2041 and was in fact his daughter. A classic commitment phobic playboy, Slade agreed to be a father to Joss, but ended his relationship with Meadow. Slade lives in downtown LaQuest Beach with his band mate Brian Johnson and has joint custody of his daughter. Mellow Metal's first album, Bittersweet, recently went gold. While Slade is envious of the relationship his parent's had, he doesn't feel that he has a perfect match out there and enjoys playing the field.



  1. I'm so fascinated by Slade. I really wonder whether he'll ever settle down or if he'll be the type to play the field forever.

    I love that he hates drama, considering he's certainly been involved in his fair share of it!

  2. Slade is definitely one of my favorite characters. Brian will be getting his own place soon and I'm interested to see how he does on his own lol. And yes, he has stirred up quite a bit of drama hasn't he? :)